Privacy Policy


ChatCents is a social media platform which is totally similar to any other social media platform you see in today's worlds. But the ChatCents has a unique feature for Youtubers. A Youtuber can create campaigns on the ChatCents social media platform to gain watch hours and subscribes for their channels. There are two parties who use this application.

01. Information we collects from users

Users - social media users

A user needs to provide a valid Email address, their name and phone number when they register. Apart from that, after the user logged in, in order to subscribe to a Youtube channel users should give permission to use Youtube API with their access token. When a user gives permission to Youtube API, they let us use the below scopes. You can read more about these scopes from the Youtube Data API documentation.

Clients - AKA Youtubers

A client needs to provide Email, Name, Phone, Address in order to register for the system. Apart from that, when a client is creating a new campaign for a given channel, they should give access to the below Youtube scopes.

*Important - We only get Youtube permissions from the users when we need them.

02. Why do we collect data ?

Since we work with Youtube, we need to make sure subscribers and views that are added to a channel are 100% valid watch counts and subscribers that are added by a real human. At the end of the day, quality is the first thing to grow your YouTube channel. So we make sure that a channel does not get bot traffic any kind of invalid traffic. Therefore we collect data from users.

03. Why do we need Youtube permissions ?

When we use the ChatCents application, we do not directly use to watch/ subscribe to a channel. Instead, the videos and channel subscription buttons are provided via ChatCents application. In order to communicate between Youtube and Chat Cents we need to have your permission.

04. How can a user delete all information from ChatCents ?

If a user needs to completely delete their information and Youtube permissions, they can contact us via customer support. We will immediately destroy all of your details and provide a report about deleted data.

05. Do we share the data with a third party ?

Absolutely not. No information will be shared with third parties. All of your data is secured in a highly protected cloud computer.